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@littlemixofficial: Rainy days = hat hair ;)

@littlemixofficial: Rainy days = hat hair ;)

perriesbabes replied to your post: (I get that some people feel that skin…

feel u camille 500% ily

thx bae

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(I get that some people feel that skinny shaming is not a thing, but people fail to keep in mind that in many cultures being plump is seen as attractive and being skinny is associated with illness and disease. Said by a girl whose grandparents tried to slip her pills to make her gain weight even though she ate as much as she could and still gained no pounds and who wore only long sleeves and sweaters until she was ten so no one saw her bony arms…so why can’t we just promote body positivity and not put anyone down)

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Those people who are beautiful for the way they are



guys we are a little over 350,000 views away from having wings vevo certified !! they deserve this so much so PLEASE WATCH WINGS AS MANY TIMES AS YOU CAN. EVERY VIEW COUNTS. WE ARE NOT VERY FAR AWAY FROM THIS HUGE ACHIEVEMENT, SO WE CAN DO THIS MIXERS. remember to watch on VEVO, not youtube, because it only counts on VEVO

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