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I love the girls. And I love what we do. We’re so tight together and we all kinda play different roles. We’ve got different humour. Like, I’ll pull alot of funny faces. Jesy does her accents. Leigh’s just funny without realizing shes funny. And Perrie’s just really cute and bubbly.

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Jesy being extremely hot in Move

I can’t wait till Sept/Oct comes around and ppl renew their bitterness for the North American tour as their deceased concert dates pass them by

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❝ This is everything. But in 5 years, hopefully we’re just so successful, we have global success, we’re gonna keep working hard, and keep widening our fan base and just keep doing what we love cause it might not last forever, but as long as it is lasting, we’re gonna have fun and we’re gonna just take it with both hands! ❞


rumored songs for the girl’s next album:


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aren’t half of these the same rumored songs from last years album??

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